Owl Art constructed from Rat Poison Packaging

Credit for this bad ass owl goes to Jason Clay Lewis, originally posted on Oddity Central. Jason is an American artist of bad assery who gives two shits about traditional art medias. He once painted a portrait of stabbing himself with an ice pick using his own blood and an icepick. Some of his other works include, throwing rabid explosive squirrels on an acrylic canvas, constructing an underwater utopia using popsicle sticks and used condoms, and severing his arm with a rusted locker key while suspended upside down by his bare leg wrapped in barbwire soaked in rubbing alcohol.

Owl Art

Constructed using delicious D-Con Rat Poison boxes.

As impressive as this owl sculpture is, to truly capture the essence of the owl, you’d have to construct a 90 ton solid gold behemoth laced with diamonds and chipmunk bones.

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